CEO Roy Truett

Roy Truett is a veteran in the direct sales industry with over 30 plus years of experience. He is a tenured executive with a successful track record in global operations, creating incentive trips, promotions, and international expansion. He brings with him a wealth of experience in leading the implementation of worldwide initiatives, from conception to successful completion of Merger and Acquisitions to new leading edge product development. Roy has a knack for identifying challenges and opportunities, making sound judgments and decisions, optimizing performance, boosting team morale, and fostering collaboration with key stakeholders and management at all levels.

As the CEO, Mr. Truett will lead AREGO Brands and have direct oversight of all operational efforts at the corporate level globally and drive growth strategies around the world. He will oversee the company’s efforts in international development, operations, technology, product development and field development. Mr. Truett will be involved in all strategic decisions for the company as part of the Senior Executive Office.

Mr. Truett received his bachelor’s degree from Francis Marion University with a major in Computer Science and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Jed Baadsgaard

Jed has been an entrepreneur and an investor for 25 plus years throughout his career.   He started investing in real estate and property management companies after attending Utah Valley University where his studies focused in Business Management. Jed has expertise in sales, operations management, and experience in launching several startup companies where he established the foundation on which the company operated and succeeded.  Jed will oversee all operation aspects of Arego Brands from supply chain, manufacturing, shipping, and assisting in international expansion.  Jed spends his free time on his family farm and spending time with his wife, two kids, and dog.

Jim Douville

Jim received his training and education in engineering at North Dakota State University.  Jim’s career started by being an entrepreneur and opened his first construction company after college.  Jim built the largest install company in the mid-west area for one of the largest retail companies in the country over 20 years.  During the same time, he was introduced to direct sales industry and fell in love with the concepts, relationships, opportunity, and the benefits of the products.  His love and passion for this industry caused him to sell his construction company and pursue direct sales full time.  Jim thrived in building the relationships in his past industry and transitioned this natural ability over to building relationships in the direct sales space.  Jim went on to grow large organizations in several companies, setting a few company records during his tenure becoming a 7-figure income earner in this industry.

Jim found a passion for designing compensation plans, and more importantly how to structure teams, concepts, and training to maximize one’s organization.  Jim focuses on transparency, integrity, and high standards in an organization and will ensure the culture at Arego will be based on these ideals.

Wyatt Gines

Wyatt started his career as a young entrepreneur by starting a carpet cleaning business with his father in 2003. He helped grow and scale this business over a 10 year period. Wyatt feels that building personal relationships is the key to success for any business. Along with building his business, he started investing in real estate along the way. Real estate investing lead him into his consulting career and gave him the opportunity to build relationships, not only around the U.S. but in many other countries around the world. Through those relationships, many doors have opened for him to invest in private equity opportunities and enter into new relationships outside of his real estate circles.

His main focus and true motivation behind his career decisions… Is his family! #familyfirst

Wyatt feels his superpower is being able to build teams and together WIN BIG!!

Adam Baadsgaard - Founder

Adam grew up in the network marketing industry. His father, Kevin, had tremendous success in multiple companies before Adam joined forces with him.

Over the years over working together it became apparent that as companies grew and became successful, they often abandoned the teams that help them create such incredible success. Arego was created to be a distributor focused company.

Arego Life (original name of the company) launched and found some incredible success in Europe. While the founding team strength was foundational focus on distributors, they lacked corporate expertise and found several difficult challenges, including covid, slowed the growth and hindered the opportunity for both corporate and distributor.

Over the last several years partnerships were formed with a corporate management team that shares the vision of the founding team of Arego. Starting with Roy Truett as our CEO, Adam feels confident that the vision of the company will hold true, and the corporate problems encountered in the past will be in the past.

With a new vision developed over the last several years, arego life became Arego Brands - A Marketing Company. The company will be a hub for many cutting edge products, and will market these products each as if they were their own company. Giving our customers a clean shopping experience they are used to.